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A Spider’s Web design

Spiders have inhabited our Earth for over one hundred million years, they have existed happily for so long by being clever, tenacious and adaptable.  They weave their intricate Spider Web traps in which to catch their unsuspecting prey.

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Many different species of Spiders spin their webs to catch insects but not all find their food this way and some do not spin webs at all. All over the Country from Porthcawl to Maidstone Web Design is capturing the attention of children and adults alike. From small to large and found in the most elusive corners the spider web is beautiful and intriguing.  As long as the spider inhabits his web it is kept mended and intact as he repairs any broken areas with his crafty skill.  Once the spider has vacated his web and it is left to gather dust it is then called a cobweb.

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A spider creates his web home by secreting silk from his spinneret glands, different spiders have different glands and produce different silks. The web that the spider spins allows him to catch his intended prey efficiently and without having to chase it down. The web is strong like steel yet has great elasticity, can vibrate and has superb flexibility. Research is being undertaken on how to incorporate the properties of these webs into practical human applications such as bullet-proof-vests !

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