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Your old computer with Windows 10 will sooner or later run out of updates

And with “old” we do not mean just 1998 or 2002, but teams of just a couple of years of life to which the manufacturer stops giving official support. This new Windows scenario looks a lot like the life of mobile phones with Android.

Earlier this week we told you how computers with a Clover Trail processor were stuck in the Windows 10 Anniversay Update, as they were not eligible to upgrade to the Creators Update. Now Microsoft has confirmed that any hardware device that is left out of the manufacturer’s support cycle may be ineligible for future Windows 10 upgrades.

In the case of the Clover Trail processors, these had been left out of the interactive support phase of Intel, and therefore could not receive the Creators Update according to Microsoft. Only the Anniversary Update will be offered in addition to security updates until January 2023, when the Windows 8.1 support period ends .

The Redmond ones have said that:

If a hardware partner fails to support any device or any of its key drivers, and stops offering driver updates, firmware updates, or fixes, it may mean that the device will no longer be able to run a new major update of the device. Windows 10

This means that if you bought a computer and the manufacturer of the same, or any of the parts that make it, stop offering support and you have installed Windows 10, you could be without updates in the future.

Life with Windows as a service

Users have been accustomed to being able to install the operating system on our PCs for an eternity. It may be slow, maybe not, but in a world where Windows now works as a service and Windows 10 will be the version on the one that is continued working, we are going to have to worry about changing of computer or risk to lose until the patches of security sooner or later.

Ironically or to make users’ complaints burn, an immense amount of equipment created for Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 was updated to Windows 10 largely due to the pressure that Microsoft exerted since its launch. Offering a free update, downloading the system only through Windows Update and bothering the user tirelessly.

Now, those users who upgraded to Windows 10 on older PCs, could get stuck sooner rather than later and stop receiving the next major updates of Windows 10. Now you have to worry about the time a manufacturer decides to support your hardware.

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