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Windows 10 will add a section of e-books to its application store in the Creatos Update

Currently, the native application store of Windows 10 includes games, applications, music and movies, and in the next Creators Update we also know that it will also begin to include themes for Windows itself. But that’s not all, because according to some filtered images collected by MSPoweruser, it seems that there will also be e-books.

The new section was discovered in a latest build Insider Preview for Windows 10 Mobile. With it, Microsoft’s eBook strategy is starting to make sense, especially since in the latest updates of the Windows Insider program, the Microsoft Edge browser had added support for the EPUB format.

Windows 10 will add a section of e-books to its application store in the Creatos UpdateThe mechanics to buy the books in the store is the same as with any other type of content . The store will show us sections with best sellers, news and a series of recommendations, and will also offer us a section with which we have purchased. Through the mobile, tablet or PC, we will only have to enter the profile of the book we want and buy it.

Once done, in our desktop or laptop we can start reading the book on Microsoft Edge, which according to MSPoweruser will also have a section specific to our collection of titles. When we are reading it we can add markers and customize the experience by changing the font size or type to fit our taste.

Like all the new features that have been discovered in the beta program of Microsoft, the ecosystem for the purchase and reading of books will be implemented in the next Creators Update, which according to sources close to the company should arrive next April.

You will be at a disadvantage with Amazon

The only doubt surrounding this strategy is whether it will be limited to that, to be able to read them on mobile phones, tablets and laptops using Edge. There are no rumors that Microsoft is going to create a specific application for books, nor that it will launch with an e-reader, or possibly depart very at a disadvantage compared to what they offer and stores like Amazon.

As for price, another important factor, in MSPoweruser have only drawn a catch in which we see that could be around seven dollars. It remains to see therefore whether that is the average for all books or not, and whether Microsoft will make some kind of promotion like the daily books to a euro that are already offering those of Jeff Bezos.

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