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What is the Story of Saint Patrick?

“What is the story of Saint Patrick?” you may ask, or perhaps “How did the story of Saint Patrick begin?” These types of inquiries are among the most commonly asked questions about Saint Patrick, and one of the most interesting legends of all time. The tale began during the middle ages, although the events were much sooner in the Dark Ages and has roots in Ireland. In the legend, an ex British Slave and Roman Catholic convert went to Ireland and became a well-loved teacher of Christianity. There is a great amount of ST Patrick’s Day Gifts like those from https://www.shamrockgift.com/st-patricks-day.

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It is a matter of some debate and conjecture as to how the great Saint came to the island but one thing is very certain, he was extremely successful. Ireland remains a bastion of Christianity and a steadfast member of Roman Catholicism and its teachings and ways. It is unproven that he rid the country of snakes, especially as the island never had any in the first place or that he was able to teach the populace about the Holy trinity via a Shamrock, it’s still some source of debate even now as it seems a struggle to explain it even now.

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Whatever the legend the Saint has become something more than just a religious icon. It would be fair to say that given the amount of celebration that is conducted around the, even by those that are not Irish, it’s more likely that this is a celebration of the spread of the Irish people and culture and the huge success they have had when they got to the “new world”.

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