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Ways that you Can Help With Climate Change

We are all aware that the world is heading towards a climate crisis – although world leaders talk about reducing emissions it is also important that as individuals we play our part too. Here are three ideas which can help you to help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint…

Cycle – Cars are one of the biggest problems especially in built up areas where air pollution levels caused by vehicles reach dangerous levels, causing problems like asthma. Cycling is a really good way to help the planet, and it will also help your body too as it will improve fitness levels.

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Reduce Plastic – Plastic is one of the biggest environmental problems and we must all reduce the plastic that we buy. Look for alternative products like this Bamboo Toothbrush from Bambooth for example. Things like children’s toys are available in wood and other more eco-friendly materials too, so do consider this when buying products – there is often a better alternative.

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Think about Food – Eating seasonally is something that we used to do all over the world, but since food has become readily available at any time of the year, we can enjoy things like strawberries all year around without a second thought. However, this is not an environmentally friendly way to eat, as the food has to travel long distances to be with us. Try to shop from local farmers and farm shops or even have a go at growing your own!

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