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Taking the chill off winter mornings

Winter is here, and it’s usually at this point in the year that you remember how cold your house gets. And it’s almost invariably the bathroom that we find ourselves shivering in as we get ready each morning. Getting out of a warm bed in to a cold bathroom is never appealing.

Solution such as underfloor heating are complicated to retrofit as it involves taking up the floor and relaying, but a radiator or towel warmer will make a huge difference to those frosty mornings, heating your bathroom and of course, your towels. A warm towel makes getting out of the shower much more appealing in the midst of winter.

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Towel warmers can be wall or floor mounted and are extremely versatile, available in a range of sizes and styles to suit your space and interior design tastes, from small, contemporary designs to much larger and traditional floor mounted radiators.

Space Saving

If you have a small shower room, or en suite, a compact wall mounted rail won’t take up too much room and can be put almost anywhere. Plumbed in towel warmers by Apollo Radiators and other firms are basically radiators, working off the central heating system, which may involve getting a plumber in, especially if you don’t already have the pipework in place. However, if you are a confident DIY aficionado, it is manageable.

Energy efficiency

Take time to look at the energy output. Most heaters come in a huge range of widths and heights, all of which provide different amounts of heat. It’s fairly logical really: a small room such as a toilet only needs a small heater, whereas a large bathroom will need a higher output to warm it, but it’s worth measuring your room first. It would be very frustrating to discover that you’ve got it wrong!

If you don’t have the option of plumbing a heater in, you can opt for an electric one. However, you will need a qualified electrician for this job as it a bath- or shower room is considered a ‘special location’. Most companies offer towel rails that can be adapted for electrical installation, as well as those designed specifically for the job. In design terms they are the same, so you still have plenty of choice whether your tastes are traditional or veer towards the contemporary, minimalist look.

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