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Make Sure your Home is Ready for a New Puppy

Over the last year or so, working from home has meant that many people have had the opportunity to enjoy a more home-based and relaxed way of life. With many people working from home for the foreseeable future, this has been a great time to get a new puppy, and sales of puppies have boomed during the pandemic.


If you are considering getting a puppy, then preparing your home for your new arrival is important. Known as puppy-proofing, making sure that the environment that you bring the puppy into is suitable can save a lot of stress – both for you and the dog – in the long term!

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When you first bring your pup home, it is advisable to keep it to a small part of the house, to allow it to get its bearings and feel safe. If possible, select a room with wipe clean floors as the puppy will need to learn to go outside to the toilet. Accidents do happen in the early months, so it is a good idea now to find a good local company such as carpet cleaning Hereford based company Oktokleen to protect your carpets and flooring!

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As well as the floors, it is also important to consider things that may pose a risk to your puppy. Puppies notoriously chew so make sure that there are no electrical wires exposed. Household waste is also a source of interest to a puppy so if the pup is in the same room as a bin make sure that there is no way that they can get into it and eat something which may cause them harm.

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