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Key equipment to have in a children’s playground

On all new estates across the UK, builders are frantically building houses for our ever-growing population. As well as providing housing there is also often a requirement for new estates of a certain size, to have children’s playgrounds created. These give spaces for children to get out in the fresh air and to meet up with their friends for an afternoon of fun and games. These playgrounds will be developed alongside professional Playgrounds Gloucester companies such as www.greenfieldsltd.co.uk/services/playgrounds-and-parks/. These companies are aware of any legal requirements that need to be considered when developing these areas for young people.

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You will often see a number of pieces of equipment in a children’s playground and these can include:

Swings – there are often two sets of swings. Those that are developed for older children and that consist of a single seat, and also those that are designed for smaller children and are more of a harnessed seat.

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Slides – again you will often see two different slides in a playground. One is made of a form of plastic and is designed for younger children. This will often be of a lower height and may well be attached to some other forms of equipment. There will also be a larger slide that in most cases will be made of metal and is designed for older children.

Other pieces of equipment include monkey bars, see-saws and trampolines that have been dug into the ground.


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