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Why you should choose modern, integrated appliances for your home

Integrated appliances are a much more sophisticated version of the old freestanding white goods, as they were called in the past.  The new modern Integrated Tumble Dryers, washing machines, fridge/freezers, and dishwashers are more environmentally friendly by saving on energy consumption and in the process reducing electricity bills. They not only function more efficiently but they look more aesthetically pleasing, giving any kitchen/diner a sleek and more sophisticated appearance. These modern appliances are fitted directly against the back of the kitchen wall, therefore increasing the floor space you have left to work in.

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Looking just as much at home in a new modern town house as fitted in a quintessential country cottage, they provide an excellent design approach for any home. When you decide to sell your property, either to purchase a bigger family home or to downsize to a smaller two-bedroom bungalow, your modern appliances will increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

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The modern appliances tend to last longer and even though they are slightly more expensive to purchase than a cheaper free-standing kitchen product they work more efficiently and have more functions.  Giving a modern, yet rustic, farmhouse look that appeals to many families when looking for their next dream home.  Don’t scrimp when it comes to the “Heart of your Home” ; the kitchen is probably where you will spend most of your time when there so make it an efficient, enjoyable, functional, practical space to be.

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