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What your roof might be made of

There are a variety of materials and products that your roof might be made off. Its main function is to make sure that your loft doesn’t leak as this will have severe effects on your ceiling. The many aims of the roof is to channel the rain that is falling or the snow that is slowly melting  down into the gutter and then the drain. This where you will need the help of a Roofers Norwich based company to make sure it is ok. What material is the roof made out of?

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There are many types. We’ll start with a traditional one rarely seen in modern times.

  1. Thatch. The mainstay of village building for centuries, Thatched roofs, made from tightly bound and cut straw, are remarkably good at keeping out the wet, However they do need to be regularly changed.
  2. Slate. Dark Welsh slate became the mainstay of the roof from the seventeenth century onwards. It is easy to cut and shape plus you can get a nail through it. Slate is great at diverting rain water, which they get a lot of in Wales. They should last for one hundred years.

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  1.  Clay tiles. More suited to warmer climbs as they absorb heat so that it doesn’t enter the house. You’ll see this design in Latin America and Southern Europe quite a lot. Like slate it has a one hundred year life span.
  2. Metal roofs. Once thought a no go due to rust additions of paint or nickel coatings have meant that can not be used. With care they can last up to seventy years.

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