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What do you know about Hereford?

Hereford is one of those small cities in England. It’s population dwarfs the surrounding countryside that it serves. It’s a City because it has a Cathedral in it plus a charter granted it by King John in 1189 and this was confirmed in the year Two thousand that it’s status would continue. What is this little known City in the Heart of rural England renowned for? One thing it does have is a decent set of windows due to the work of Double Glazing Hereford based company Firmfix. They’ve been serving the place successfully for years.


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Hereford’s cathedral takes the centre stage. It was consecrated by a Norman baron in 1079 and is one of the “three sisters” along with Cathedrals at nearby Gloucester and Worcester. It has been a part of Wales for a time as the Welsh border is only sixteen miles to the West of it. It has a flourishing market where it owes its size and fortune to the farms and fields around it producing amazing Apples and Pears plus standard grains and crops plus famous Cattle. It is well known for it’s Cider. Perry’s and Beers to this day. It also owns the famous Mappa Mundi, a Medieval world map with Jerusalem at the centre!


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It also has some outstanding medieval architecture to have a look at as you decide which of it’s many coffee and cake shops you’d like to try. One of its hidden gems is a summer high holidays model railway club. The members have built a charming station and you can have a ride on two gauges of miniature railway.

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