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Garage Maintenance Tips

Top Garage Maintenance Tips

As with most things around your home and garden, regular maintenance of your garage door is important to avoid damage and unnecessary costs. Most people just ignore their garage door until an issue arises and a professional must be called out to rectify the problem or even replace it entirely. Not all garage doors are created equal!

Here are some maintenance tips to keep it in good condition and maximize its lifespan:

Tightening Hardware

A garage door is opened and closed thousands of times in its lifespan, so inevitably, it will suffer wear. To prevent a jerking motion and to create a smooth operation of your garage door, routinely check the roller brackets and screws, tightening with a socket wrench when necessary.

Check Weather Stripping

A secure garage is a safe and dry place to store valuables such as cars, tools and sports equipment. To stop rain and other elements from causing interior damage to your garage and your belongings still inside, it is important to make sure the weather stripping at the bottom of your garage door stays in good condition. Regularly check stripping for cracks and wear, changing if necessary.

Garage Maintenance Tips

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Replace Roller

Over time your garage door rollers will wear out, so you’ll need new ones or risk damaging the tracks and other internal mechanisms. On average, the rollers should be replaced every 7 years. Check the roller twice a year and if you see them cracked or worn replace as soon as possible. If you decide it’s time for a completely new door, consider Garage Doors Essex at a site like https://www.limeit.co.uk/

Lubricate Track and Moving Parts

To increase the lifespan of the rollers and the track and to ensure smooth operation without sound, add lubricant to the tracks and moving parts often. Oil-based lubricants attract dust, so it is advisable to spray only using a silicon spray.

Test the Door Balance

To avoid injury to yourself and others while operating a garage door opener, and to prevent damage to your door, it is essential that the door is correctly balanced. A balanced door will maintain a central position without assistance. If you must pull the door back up or it falls, the tension needs adjusting so it’s best to call a professional.

Check Cables

Visually inspect the high-voltage cables that lift your door for signs of damage and fraying. If you can see any damage, don’t try to tamper with or change them yourself, because you are at risk of serious injury or even death. Always call a professional.

Garage Maintenance Tips

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Annual service

Finally, it is recommended that you have your garage door serviced by a professional every year. They will identify and fix anything that needs repair and make sure your garage door remains in excellent condition!

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