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The colonial style contrasts

Often, given the saturation of options, the best alternative is to use the sure – fire classic. The colonial style is one of the most decorative styles result ones precisely because, even coming from the past, never fails to be at the forefront. The eclecticism that characterizes this current finds its origin in the former European colonies, but adapts perfectly to the needs that we seek in our environments of XXI century. As it is a style marked by balance totally opposed concepts, I will introduce its main features through 5 couples of contrast…

The colonial style contrasts 5 The colonial style contrasts 521) East VS West

The first pairing is clear because it is the historic pillar that creates the colonial aesthetics: the mixture of native elements of colonized countries with empires brought from expanding. The enigmatic and spiritual aura of oriental cultures mixed with the rationalism of large cities and produces an interesting clash leading to a miscegenation patent. Progress society makes a stop on the way to imbibe exoticism.

2) Delicacy VS Heavyweights

The choice of key materials for our colonial ambiance is a harmonious dance between crude and light, sign and unpredictable. Sturdy furniture teak wood in dark tones is combined with natural fiber tissues, and firmness of hinges and metal mechanisms house with the elegance of panels and paper lanterns. The use of objects reused and handicrafts perfectly complement the classic atmosphere.

3) Force VS Light

The colors light, pastel, white pure or even a taste for transparencies work perfectly as softener ferrous volumes of colonial furniture. Pattern smoothness what is preferred. It is preferable to build a base of walls and surfaces white or beige to include the dark furniture and find an intermediate point in the details. Materials such as wicker, glass or proposals are safe. The points of light, both natural and artificial, will be a reference in the composition.

The colonial style contrasts 524) Progress VS Past

Another interesting contrast is the miscellany in the decor, which is composed of natural supplements, such as bamboo bowls, raffia mats, tropical plants or some Zen garden, living with “European inventions” as I will explain now. No skimping on the details, so we can choose many elements that reflect “modern vintage” gramophones, telephones, maps, portraits in black and white, radios, old books, lamps, tables, chests, candlesticks, screens.

5) Baroque VS Tranquility

Colonialism has a preference for the “more is better”. They are burdened with great environments and auxiliary furniture: chairs, dressers, chairs, benches, dressers, waitresses, and even furniture for outdoor use indoors. The bedroom is one of the most complete stays, as any surface is covered: the canopy bed and embroidered quilt, white ceiling with exposed beams, floor with large pile carpets .All this visual weight must somehow softened or could result in a crippling stay, so the use of light curtains tulle, straight lines and sedate, and accessories like candles or flowers should download the whole. We must mimic the tribal and rustic.

I hope guided the fundamentals of colonial style. You like this trend so full of contrasts?

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