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The Beautiful Bathurst Estate and the famous family that own and care for it.

Originally from Sussex where he owned extensive lands and a castle, Sir Benjamin Bathurst of the Bathurst family purchased the current renowned estate in 1695 as a gift for Allen, his eldest son. Formally known as Oakley Grove, Cirencester Park as it is now known, has developed into one of the most magnificent, privately-owned parks of today.  Collaborating with Alexander Pope, the two men planned the landscaped park that we all know today. Over the years further lands have been added, including the Sapperton and Oakley Estates.

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Unusually, The Bathurst Estate that encompasses Cirencester Park, lies within the town of Cirencester itself and is only shielded from view by the tallest yew hedge in the world. Running this size of estate takes planning, money and a huge, dedicated team of paid professionals and volunteers.  Named after his illustrious ancestor, Allen, the ninth Earl of The Estate, will certainly need the services of many financial advisors such as Accountants Bath, and companies like https://www.chippendaleandclark.com/services/accountant-in-bath/ to keep all his invoices and accounts filed properly and sorted ready for the big, financial tax audits every year.

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Over the years, the Estate has fundamentally stayed true to its route’s and is still a fabulous mixture of parkland, farmland, and property. Comprising approximately 15,000 acres, the grounds are managed by the Earl and kept in trust for the future generations of the family.

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