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Paints to eliminate bad odors at home

There are many types of paint but usually all have a characteristic odor that forces ventilate any stay home.

However, there is a kind of painting that has come on the market recently and eliminates odors of the rooms in which it operates. In other words, in addition to not smelling of paint, it neutralizes those in space.

Paints to eliminate bad odors at homeThey are environmentally friendly paints, bactericides, anti-odor and an effect of photocatalysis. The latter is a process by which harmful substances in the air are converted into CO2 and water vapor. This is made possible by the nanoparticles containing the product, and is making room odors are eliminated.

Another feature that unlike other paintings is that their properties not only work with natural light, but also with artificial light. For this reason, the effectiveness of the painting increases as the surface of contact increases, as well as exposure to light.

Since eliminate odors that may be in space, this results in pure environments and therefore the air we breathe in these rooms, it is purer. Among the odors against which it acts are tobacco, the smell of food, insecticides, wood preservatives, and animal and plant allergens, among others.

Besides being purifying environments it is decorative. By this I mean that, not to eliminate the smell of the rooms, you will find yourself with only 3 or 4 colors to choose from, and you can find a great variety of colors, reaching almost a hundred. Will be enough to choose one or two, right? Finally, do not forget that in addition to eliminate odors, it is also odorless, which means no paint smell in the room either. An attractive solution, do not you think?

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