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Italian showers: The delights of Ancient Rome at home

Italian showers The delights of Ancient Rome at homeShowers that are born directly from the floor

These showers, as their name suggests, remind us of Ancient Rome. Elements that emerged directly from the ground in the well-known Roman baths. Therefore, aesthetically, the most important thing is that we find no separations or cuts. To do this, the shower building it work is eliminated . Now it is imperative that, for that, the floor has the inclination necessary , and have enough space to embed siphon and piping system . This way you will be able to evacuate the water correctly without flood problems.

Integration with the environment

Perhaps one of the most appreciated advantages of this model is precisely showers integration with the environment . Aesthetically they are 10. But in addition, they are able to adapt to any type of space ; Being able to book more or less meters depending on the capacity of our bathroom.

Is it possible to place an Italian shower in a corner ? Yes, you just have to make sure that the incline is sufficient and that there is space to place the siphon. If you have a larger bathroom, you can create a bespoke shower without limiting yourself to the typical dimensions of a shower conventional .

Comfort and accessibility for the whole family

The showers, by themselves, are much more comfortable in the day to day. Especially if we have disabled at home. Its practicality is more than evident regarding the advantage bathtubs , but also Italian showers eliminate the typical step with which you will find yourself going from pavement bathroom to shower, making it much more accessible and safer .

Italian shower supplies

As for the materials with which we can build them, we find many. These showers work can seek continuity with the floor of the bathroom , using, for example, ceramic tiles or natural stones like marble and granite, or creating a visual separation and using other coating, yes, at the same Height than the pavement.

Although it is true that we do not find limitations, we can also use wood (always treated to withstand the humidity of the environment), the material par excellence in this type of showers, the one that transports us directly to Ancient Rome, is without doubt, the gresite , that somehow reminds us of the era mosaics.

What kind of screen can I use?

It will depend directly on the shape and dimension of your shower. Work best are the screens based fixed glass , ideal for visually separate the space without letting fall a single drop of water on the outside. At this point the important thing is that the fixed is long enough to cover the part of the splash, because having slope in the ground, the water will not be spread by the rest of the bathroom. However, if you have decided to build an Italian shower large , you can also purchase a closed partition wall to wall.

An extra: hydromassage columns

Although it is clear that the important thing in Italian showers is the floor and its continuity, it does not seem a bad idea to bet on complements that make the bathroom an even more relaxing experience. The hydromassage columns are perfectly suited to these spaces, increasing the functionality and comfort of them.

Alternatives: extra-flat plates

Currently there are alternatives that can also consider, for example, slimline dishes . The effect that is achieved with these elements is quite similar to that of the showers at ground level. Have a much smaller than the thickness of conventional plates , thus paving over to the shower area is minimal avoiding the typical step.

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