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Initial considerations

Initial considerations when planning a loft conversion

Loft conversions can offer a boost to your property and are a great way to increase the available space without adding an extension. They are often seen as a cheap and easy way of extending the property, but with over a third of builders saying they are one of the areas that they have the most problems with, it’s important to get professional advice before you start. Using a company that specialises in loft conversion services in North London will be worth it when the project is completed without any major issues.

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Is your property suitable?

The first element you need to consider when looking at a loft conversion is whether your home can accommodate the extra weight. You’ll have to check the foundations and the lintels or beams to ensure that they are adequate. If the property requires underpinning, this will add a considerable amount to the budget.

How much space will you have?

You need to have a good idea of the height of the finished room early on in the planning process, so ask your builder to clearly mark the space that will be available. You will need to be sure there is space below for the loft stairs. You don’t want to compromise on the existing space just to gain a useable loft, so it’s beneficial if the stairs go down into a hallway rather than a bedroom. You should also consider the practicalities of getting furniture and other large items up the stairs, especially if you need to fit a narrow and winding set. As part of the conversion, the stairs will have to comply with fire safety regulations.

Getting the right light

When you’re working with your building company, such as http://www.uksmartbuild.com/, one of the areas to cover will be the positioning of the windows. This is important for making the most of the natural light and ventilation sources. Skylight windows are easier to fit, but dormer windows can provide more useable space.

Taking your time to carefully plan the design and layout of your loft and make use of loft conversion services in North London will ensure you have a room that is useable and suitable for your requirements. There’s no point spending time and money on a conversion if it doesn’t meet the appropriate Building Regulations or you can’t stand up in it.

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