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Ideas to decorate the bedroom with vintage style

The vintage style decoration is one of the most currently popular, being one of the dormitory rooms where is this better aesthetics.

Nice and relaxing, it helps us to get a romantic touch in an easy and economical way; in fact, the vintage style allows us to take advantage of antique furniture with an optimum result.

Ideas to decorate the bedroom with vintage styleVintage style bedroom

Get decorate our bedroom in vintage style by following some simple tips as I propose you below

One of the keys of vintage decoration is based on soft colors like white, sky blue or pink stick, but can include some accessories most striking tones.

In addition, it is best to opt for furniture with rounded shapes, especially regarding the headboard and the main furniture such as table or dresser.

Ideally, they are made with typical ancient woods decades, such as walnut or cherry.

Further reinforce this effect if they have a worn appearance; we can create ourselves sanding parts or buy them directly from this style.

On the other hand, the furniture should be tall and narrow, with thin legs and handles the seemingly old drawers.

In vintage bedroom decor, accessories are an indispensable part. For example, a large oval mirror above the dresser would be perfect, especially if the frame matches the rest of the furniture.

We can apply the same rule to photo frames; In this sense, the images in black and white give a very special touch.

The flowers are also very appropriate here, as well as small wicker baskets, glass bottles, a retro telephone, a canopy or an antique chair.

Also, a chandelier can be a good choice, although it is best not too big not to rob us much space.

As for the curtains and bedding options they are numerous. The floral prints are ideal in this case; also cushions and pillows in different shapes and pastel colors.

Do you dare to decorate the bedroom with vintage style?

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