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How to Make the Most of Your Garage Space

Using vertical space is a great way to maximize your garage storage. For larger vehicles, raise shelves from the floor and utilize the overhead space. You can also hang items vertically and horizontally. Garage storage is not only convenient, but can also be safer for your car. Besides, vertical storage also gives you more room for wider vehicles.

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A simple solution to the problem of cluttered garage storage is to turn unused space into useful areas instead. You can convert many discarded items into storage for tools. You can also use vertical storage or wall hooks to store rarely-used items out of sight and out of the way. Once you have made the most of the space, it will be easy to find the tools you need and keep them organised.

Consider smart ways to use garage space instead of cluttering up your home. For example, put a bench inside it to store dirty shoes. Install hooks to hang your coats and umbrellas. If you do not use your garage as a mudroom, you can even convert it into a workshop for home DIY projects. There are many ways to make the most of your garage space. For Oak Framed Garages, go to Timberpride Oak Framed Garages

If your garage door has a big opening, it is likely to lose a lot of heat. If the garage door is not properly insulated, it will lose heat and potentially increase your gas and electric bills. Ultimately, your garage will be more usable and comfortable throughout the entire year if well insulated. The next step is to install insulated doors. By adding extra insulation, you’ll make your garage warmer, more comfortable and safer.

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Garage storage space is only limited by your imagination. You can install shelving or other storage bins on the walls. You can also install ceiling hooks and use the space in the rafters to store your tools and seasonal sporting equipment. Another good option is pegboards. You can use both large and small pegboards, depending on the size of your garage. If you have a small garage, you can use adjustable shelving.

Use the space near the ceiling. You can also install mountable bins or cabinets to hide odd-ends. If you don’t want to use the floor for storage, add a simple shelf above it. Make the most of your space by using creative storage ideas! Take advantage of the available space in your garage by converting the ceiling and floor into an organized workspace.

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