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How to Adapt a Bathroom to Make it Accessible

If you have a disability or need to modify your home, you can make your bathroom more accessible with these simple tips. First, consider the doorway width. A standard doorway can be too small for someone in a wheelchair, so you might want to install oversize doors. Secondly, consider the placement of door handles. For example, a wheelchair-friendly door handle should be lowered. The next step is to make sure the bathroom has good lighting.

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Bathroom accessories should be at a convenient height, and should be positioned for easy reach. You should also install pullout shelves and storage compartments. Consider the needs of each user when planning your bathroom. Think about how to best place accessories, such as grab bars. They are especially useful in areas such as the shower. Grab bars are particularly helpful in getting in and out of the bathtub. For a range of Bathing Aids, contact a site like Ability Superstore

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Consider the benefits of a wet room so there is no need for raised levels, doorways and other barriers to accessibility. If it’s possible, choose lever handles instead of standard handles. Lever handles are easier for people with limited mobility to manipulate. For people in wheelchairs, large rocker light switches may be more comfortable. Motion-sensitive lights may also be useful. Alternatively, some modern light switches can even allow users to control the lights with their voice. There are many ways to adapt a bathroom. In fact, it is probably the easiest room to adapt.


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