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Five Reasons Why Oak Beams Are Great For Your Home

If you are planning a new home renovation project and want to add some warm, rustic charm to your room, adding beams could be perfect for you. Oak is a material that comes with so many benefits whilst maintaining a natural and stylish look. Beams can add bundles of character to your home and will remain untarnished for years to come.

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Have you ever seen a stately home or manor house on TV with gorgeous, sweeping beams and wondered to yourself what wood it is? More often than not, it’s oak. Exposed beams can really give a home that beautiful, rustic feel. https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-products/structural-beams/ are rich in texture and colour and boast a high quality. They are often brown or dark brown in colour. With a little bit of treatment, they can maintain their colour for years.


Another benefit is that oak is a very eco-friendly material. Everyone knows how important sustainability is for the world we live in, and this is a great way to help the planet. Oak trees spend their lifetime absorbing carbon and this remains in the timber for hundreds of years. It also doesn’t require large amounts of chemicals or fossil fuels to produce.


A third benefit is that oak is known to be incredibly durable. It is very strong and moisture-resistant, which explains why all those old stately homes are still intact! Not many other woods compare to oak when it comes to beams and supports for a house.

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Not only do they allow you to do your bit for the environment whilst looking good, but an oak beam requires next to no maintenance. Thanks to the moisture-resistant qualities of oak, everyday moisture from kitchens and bathrooms will not damage the wood. In addition to being moisture-proof, oak resists decay and rot, so any insect or fungal attacks will be no match for your beams.


Oak is also quite affordable. Because the trees are fairly common, oak is not as expensive to buy as some of the more exotic timbers out there. Plus, thanks to its longevity, repairs are rarely needed.


When working on your next home project, consider all the possibilities with oak. Exposed beams can bring a traditional, cosy feel whilst being easily maintained and durable – not to mention environmentally friendly!

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