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Eclectic design: the fusion of the modern and the old

When it comes to interior design, we all have our favourite styles. Some people are drawn to the traditional look, while other favour a more contemporary feel. The type of decor you choose may be influenced by the type of property, your existing furniture or even what the latest interior fashion ideas are; however, one of the hottest trends is actually to be less rigid in the type of furnishings and decoration you include and to embrace a more liberal attitude. Fusing elements of old and new creates an eclectic style that is most appealing.

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Highly personalised

One of the advantages of this type of interior is that you can adapt it to suit your own personal tastes, choosing exactly what elements you like without the need to conform to a rigid design idea. If you have a favourite wall hanging or a special rug, make this a focal point. Utilising lots of different style elements will create an interesting layered look, with plenty to draw the eye.

A unique finish

If you like a particular chair, such as a Queen Anne leather wingback, feel free to combine it with contemporary bold patterned wallpaper or colourful cushions. Rather than an impersonal room that lacks character, you will create a space that is completely unique and utterly yours. One of the biggest trends right now is to mix differ metallics rather than sticking to chrome or gold. This prevents the space looking too precise and staged, giving it a more natural, cosy feel.

Combining elements

The eclectic look can be achieved by combining different design elements, which might mean using a number of different colours in your palette or incorporating a variety of interesting textures. You could make a design statement by mixing up your furniture, such as by placing a stylish chaise longue next to an ultra-modern coffee table. Reproduction designer furniture from suppliers such as www.pash-living.co.uk is a great way to make a real impact. The idea behind the eclectic ethos is that rather than sticking rigidly to one particular style, you can be free to choose what appeals to you.

Putting together different colours, textures and furnishings will create an eclectic look that is highly personal to you and will give your home a welcoming and stylish feel.

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