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Do you need a CCTV drain survey?

You may have heard of CCTV drain surveys being used to see inside drains and understand the cause of a blockage. Blockages are routinely caused by grease, hair, wet wipes or sanitary products. However, there are a whole host of items which are regularly found in the drains. If you require CCTV drainage surveys Kingsbury, there will be very few things that the surveyor will not have seen in drains before!
It can be useful to carry out a drain survey when purchasing a new property, to check their condition. It may give you the leverage required to lower the purchase price or to have repair works carried out prior to you taking ownership of the property.

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A drain survey is not normally included in a Home Buyers Survey, but can be arranged separately once an offer has been accepted. Some mortgage lenders may even require a drain survey to be completed before they agree to lend you the money.

It is common for the drain survey to be recorded, so it can be analysed thoroughly and may include dimensions of your drains and information on the direction of flow. A survey can also pick up issues with tree roots that may have cracked or blocked pipes and rat infestations, which definitely need to be remedied.

According to The Times rats were found burrowing out of drains at the Houses of Parliament.

Sometimes, drain surveys can be required when building an extension.

How long will a drain survey take to complete?

The timescale will depend on the amount of work required and what is found, but CCTV drainage surveys Kingsbury and other locations can take just a few hours and you will be given a report at the end.

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How much will a drain survey cost?

The cost of CCTV drainage surveys in Kingsbury will vary, depending on many different factors. These include the complexity of the work required and the size of the drains. A comprehensive quote should be provided, so you are aware of any costs before the work commences.

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