Different types of roofs

When it comes to having a roof installed, repaired or replaced on your property or place of work it is always best to use the services of a Roofing Cheltenham company to have this completed. This is because the roof of a property is incredibly important to the overall functioning of the structure and if it is not installed or repaired properly this can lead to the possibility of leaks and further damage occurring to the building underneath.

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There are a number of roof types that are available and here are some of them for you to have a look at.

  • Gable Roof – this is one of the most popular roof types and can also be known as a pitched or peaked roof. One reason why this roof type is preferred by many construction companies is that it easily sheds water and snow so that damp patches are less likely to occur and the water cna run off the roof freely.

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  • Hip roof – this type of roof has slopes on all four sides and they come together to form a ridge at the top of the roof. They are often used on larger properties and they can be more stable than a gable roof, although they are a lot more expensive. They also work well in high winds and all snow and water to sraina way easily.
  • Flat roof – now this name can be a little misleading as a flat roof isn’t actually flat as this would mean that any moisture and water that falls on the roof wouldn’t be able to drain away which would result in damage to the roof and the building underneath.