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Designing your new kitchen

Want to know what to know when designing your new kitchen? Read here to know how our guidelines together with professionals like KW kitchen design can put you on top.

Are you about to get into a new house and are wondering about the best kitchen design for your house? I know it can get tricky. What are the common kitchen design types? Why do these different kitchen designs exist? What are some of the things that I need to know early to avoid future regret? This article will answer these and many more important questions. Professional help will really help you to perfect your design ideas. Companies like ION Kitchen Design offer high-quality services in kitchen woodwork.

When it comes to house kitchen design, I suggest you consider two broad things first:

  • The aesthetics of the kitchen.
  • The practical use of the kitchen.

One area I have found to be quite easy to start with and which applies to both aesthetics and practicality is kitchen design layout. A kitchen may broadly have:

  • A single wall
  • Two walls.
  • Two walls and an Island

These designs depend on space available and house design. If you have a small space, then the traditional kitchen design of a single wall will be the best. If space is big enough, then the other two designs are a good choice. They provide sufficient walking space around the kitchen. From an aesthetic point of view, kitchen design (iii) is better because it makes the kitchen look spacious and even has an eating space on the Island.

Practicality guideline:

  • Space available? This will help you decide on kitchen layout.
  • Finances available? This will be useful in deciding what type of materials and equipment to buy. Again, companies like KW
  • Kitchen design will provide you with kitchen woodwork and design.
  • A kitchen will always have cabinets and other equipment which has doors and moving parts. It is important to sit down and figure out the most efficient way to place these cabinets and equipment. This depends on house and also kitchen design.
  • Cabinets positioning should be in such a way that you have cabinets that are too high for children and some that are close.
  • Products harmful to children go high and the rest go low.
  • Another thing to remember is to ensure that enough electrical outlets are available for all the potential equipment and just a few extra. You can have the best kitchen design but then have to put holes for electrical outlets later.
  • When it comes to aesthetics, we have already talked about kitchen design layout. Color is important as well. It should match the house design. Centering your kitchen with one color such as grey and then accenting it with some colors such as red or white is a great idea. It makes the kitchen appear balanced.
  • Also, ensure the design makes the kitchen look spacious

In conclusion, having the best house kitchen design depends on following a good guideline and some professional help for good quality work. The professionals you use should have many years of experience so as to ensure that you will have best quality services. Companies like KW Kitchen design have more than 20 years experience. Make a good guideline and stick to it.

Have a kitchen you are proud of.

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