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Creating a Playroom in your Home

If lockdown has made you realise that your kids need a place to play and let off steam, then you might be considering adding a playroom to your home! There are many ways that you can create a playroom in your home – you can convert your garage by knocking through, convert your loft, or find a company like this house extensions Solihull based company https://www.ifurb.co.uk/house-extension-and-build-services/house-extensions/house-extensions-solihull/ who will be able to add on a whole new part of your home which will also increase the value of your property too.

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When creating a playroom, you want to make sure that it serves the purpose and is well loved and happily used by your children. It is also a great space that you can easily adapt as they grow, for example when they become teenagers it can be turned into a den – handy for when they want to have friends over where they can spend time away from their parents!


If you are unsure on what you want to add to your playroom here are a few ideas that can work well…


A book corner – A small bookshelf with some beanbags to relax on makes an ideal addition to a playroom where kids can also relax and enjoy a book or two if they want some quiet time.

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Toy storage – One of the best things about a playroom is the fact that you can keep all the toys in one place so no more clutter around the rest of the house!


A Dressing up box – Kids love to dress up and use their imaginations and this is a great way to encourage imaginative play.

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