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Considerations when Adding a Conservatory to your Home

A conservatory is a fantastic addition to the home. Conservatories add an extra space to the home, which can be used in many ways that will benefit you. From a relaxing reception room, to a kid’s playroom people have many uses for a conservatory and the extra room that they can provide means that they can free up space in the rest of the home too.


So, what are the things to consider when you want to have a conservatory added on to your home?

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Position – The position of your conservatory will affect the light that you get in there as well as the temperature. If it is north facing it may be cooler so you might want to consider additional heating options such as this electric underfloor heating Gloucestershire https://parsonsflooring.com/services/electric-under-floor-heating-gloucestershire/ . When a conservatory is east facing it will get sun in the early morning, which makes it lovely as a breakfast room, and west facing of course it will get evening sun – perfect for a dining room.

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Frame Type – Most conservatories have a choice of three types of frame – timber, aluminium and upvc. A timber frame is great if it is a more natural look that you want, and it is easy to paint and varnish to suit you. Upvc and aluminium frames however tend to be durable and hard wearing so bear this in mind when it comes to choosing the type of frame that you want and explore the colour and finish options that are available as well as cost.

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