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Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates for the Home

There are many reasons you might want to consider automatic gates in Gloucestershire, but a lot of people make the mistake of thinking this kind of access control is only for big commercial premises. In fact, automatic gates can often be desirable for the home.

Obviously, a terraced house with a small front garden and a footpath to the door probably won’t get much benefit out of an automatic gate. However, medium-sized and larger properties with a bit more land and a full driveway approaching the house may have more to gain. Some of the benefits include:

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The advantage of having any kind of gate is, of course, security. It means that not just anyone – and in particular not just any vehicle – can approach your house. You get to exercise control over who gets onto your property and who doesn’t. Those who you don’t want to enter, such as unauthorised intruders, will be securely locked out while welcome visitors are readily allowed in. This can be just as valuable for a home as for any business.


An automatic gate is a much more convenient and practical way to achieve this security benefit than any other kind of gate. If a gate is not automatic, then you have a choice between not locking it – in which case it is little more than a small psychological deterrent to intruders – or leaving your house to unlock the gate manually for every visitor. An automatic gate from a company such as http://protonaccesscontrol.com, on the other hand, can be operated completely remotely, so it’s easy and effort-free to control access to your property.

Easy Access

It’s not just easier to allow visitors to access your property if your gate is automatic, but also easier for you to access your property yourself when you get back home. An automatic gate can be operated from inside your vehicle through various methods – most commonly a small remote. Unlike other kinds of gate, this means there is no need at all to get out of your car to open the gate, drive through and then get out again to close it every time you go out or come home. That’s quite a lot of effort saved, as non-automatic gates make the simple matter of going out and coming back surprisingly labour-intensive.

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