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After the Mortgage application is completed

Getting through the mortgage application might seem like a trial, but it’s nothing compared to the next stage. Once you’ve reached the mortgage promise and then spoken to the Mortgage Advisor to get your mortgage rate and monthly payment, you then need to move to the second phase. However, it needn’t be a difficult time if you go to a decent solicitor like Conveyancing Cheltenham based company www.montpellier.legal/, they will make sure that the whole thing runs smoothly for you.

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There is an excellent reason why you need to have a conveyancer. The first and most important is that the lender is not going to pay you the money for the mortgage directly. The money is only lent to buy the home, and to ensure this is the case, the lender sends this to the conveyancer, who then sends it to the seller or the seller’s conveyancer if they are also looking to buy a home.

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The Conveyancer will also look at any legal aspects that arise from the sale. Covenants are limits and controls placed on the property and its use. For example, if you intend to raise a herd of goats to keep the lawn down, you’d want to know if the owning of domesticated animals was prohibited before you bought the place. It also means you can sort out any issues with the arrangements of the home being Freehold or leasehold.

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