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4 steps for implement when the garage door spring is broken

The doors in the house are functioned with the help of spring. The closing and opening if the door is done with spring. Imagine a day when you are relaxing in your house and suddenly your relaxation gets broken by a loud noise. You rush out and discover that the source of that terrible noise is your garage door spring broken! This definitely will put you in a problem. Most of the people suffer from these issues in their daily lives. The most important thing is that how effectively and efficiently one handles this problem.

As well all know that the weight of the garage door depends upon the spring of the door. These springs operate under tremendous pressure. The springs get damaged while stretching, opening or closing the garage door. The weight of garage door is around about 300 pounds, a spring has to handle the weight of the door. The spring of door can break more often especially in colder season.


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Steps to be Performed When the Garage Door Spring is Broken: 

One may follow immediate steps to ensure the safety of the garage as well as vehicles parked in the garage. These steps are listed below:

  • Bring Your Car or Any other Vehicles Out of Garage

In the very first step, you have to bring your car out of your garage. The garage door has red emergency release cord above it.  One can seek help for the neighbor in case of lifting up and door and to take the vehicle out. One need to be very careful while lifting the door as the door without spring is very heavy.

  • Identify the Type of Spring Installed 

In the next step, you need to identify the broken garage door springThere can be two kinds of spring, namely extension and torsion. The extension spring would be found on either side of the garage door at an angle of ninety degrees. Such springs are like huge rubber bands made of steel which get stretched as the garage door is gradually lowered. Such a spring naturally tends to lift the door. With regard to a torsion spring, it is found to run a bar in the interior part of the garage doorstop. This spring operates under tremendous tension. It is because of this huge tension that this spring can lift the weight of the door of your garage. When you find your garage door broken springyou need to open the door manually and exert force accordingly.

  • Opt to Buy a new spring

One can’t repair the broken spring. So one has to opt to buy a new spring. However, it would not be wise to replace all the garage door springs at the same time. It is obviously predicted that if one spring is broken due to weather, then others are also prone to damage soon. Therefore, it is advisable to change all the springs of the door.

  • Installation of Door Spring

The fourth step is all about installation. It is a lengthy and complicated process to install a new garage door spring. One should hire a professional in installing the garage spring. Professionals have the right set of tools to work with. The tools that are required are a pair of 10-inch vise grips, socket wrench and sockets, adjustable wrench, a pair of 1/2″ x 18″ winding bars, rags, ruler, ladder, a good source of lighting and definitely safety glasses.

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