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Work your whole body moving heavy objects

There are millions of exercises that we can perform to work different parts of the body at the same time, but one of the most useful is simply to move heavy objects from one side to the other.

Simple but not with less technique

Although moving objects is something we do all the time and therefore, it seems a simple movement, it is important to remember that good technique is required to get the movement to a real profit.

First of all, we must use heavy objects, because the effort of the muscles depends on them. And to begin, we can make the most classic of the transfers, the farmer’s walk or step of the farmer that consists of walking from one side to another with a heavy object in each hand.

The technique of this exercise in its most basic form requires that we collect the weights of the soil, performing a dead weight for it. Then, with both weights equal on the floor, we stand behind, and with the straight back we bend the knees, taking the hip backwards as if we were performing a squat and we inclined the trunk to pick up the weights with both hands.

We incorporate ourselves without bending the back and exerting force with the legs and buttocks, to begin to walk with the trunk erect, the view in front and with the minimum movement of possible arms and shoulders, although the elbows must be slightly bent

Thus, we move heavy objects with both hands from one side to another, such as sandbags, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells or other elements.

The whole body in action

With the transfer of heavy objects from one side to another we will apply an effort to the cardiorespiratory system and burn calories , but also, if we perform the movement with the appropriate technique we will work different muscles at the same time.

Buttocks, legs, arms, shoulders, lumbar and abdominal will be required to perform this exercise, therefore, moving heavy objects in an appropriate way we can get a very complete job that helps us to be in shape.

Although at first it will be advisable to use light loads to gain technique, to get the most out of exercise it is important to use really heavy elements, since the difficulty of exercising in which we must maintain the posture and move with a lot of extra load depends on them.

Another option to intensify the exercise is to change the position of the arms when moving objects, for example, we can move two heavy kettlebells to the sides of the body or, walk upright with all the weight in one hand, with the loads in both hands but fastened in biceps curl position, or, move a very heavy object held in front of the body with both hands.

The transfer of kettlebells or kettlebell is one of the best alternatives since this element is in turn unstable and carrying high weights will achieve a very effective and intense exercise.

However, we can also use these variants to move heavy dumbbells or two backpacks loaded with the same weight.

It is always important that the posture is kept upright and that the movement starts by properly collecting the loads that should be on the ground. Only then will we get a great job moving heavy objects.

If you want a single exercise to work different parts of the body at the same time, this is an excellent option: to move heavy objects of all kinds and with good technique.

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