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Work your abdomen at home: exercises with towels that you can put into practice

Working the abdomen intensely and achieving true results is not incompatible with training at home, without expensive or specific sports elements. To prove it, today we suggest you work your abdomen at home with these exercises with towels :

Sliding exercises

The best way to use the towels to work our abdomen is using them as sliding support surfaces , with which we can perform a variety of movements among which are:

  • Abdominal extensions : as we would with a wheel or with a bar, we can execute abdominal extensions by placing ourselves on our knees on the floor and resting the palms of our hands on two towels placed in front of us, also on the floor. The exercise will consist in descending as much as possible the whole body without it touching the ground, moving the arms (both at the same time) away from our torso. The abdomen will contract to not let us fall while the hands that are our support move away. We can also do it by sliding one hand at a time, alternately .
  • Plank with knees to the chest : placing both feet on towels and resting the hands on the floor, with extended arms adopting a position of iron in which the body is aligned from head to toe we can perform this exercise that besides requiring a constant contraction of the abdomen so as not to break the waist, will demand the effort of the abdominals every time we bring the knees to the chest, both together, by sliding the towels that are on our feet.
  • Mountain climber sliding : the mountain climber or climber consists of, from a position of push-ups or iron as in the previous exercise, bring the knees alternately to the chest. In this case, we will place the feet on different towels and alternately slide them to bring the knees to the chest.
  • Plank pendulum : with both feet on towels and in iron position, either with forearms resting on the floor or palms of the hands and the body aligned from head to toe, we carry (trying not to mobilize the trunk) both feet together with extended legs towards one side of the body and we reverse the movement towards the other side of the body, tracing a pendulum or semi circle path with our feet that will allow us to work obliquely.
  • Lateral plank with knees to the chest : with both feet on separate towels and in lateral plank position, that is to say with body aligned from head to foot but on the side, without breaking the waist, we take the knee of the lower leg (the closest one to the ground) towards the chest. We repeat as many times as necessary and perform on the other side to work on all external and internal obliques of the abdomen.
  • Sliding walk outs : as we would do without any equipment or with a medicine ball , we can stand with two towels on the floor in front of us. We bend the torso until we put our hands on the towels and little by little we slide the same as if we were walking with our hands and moving them away from our feet, until we were in the iron position very close to the floor. We reverse the movement with our hands back while we slide the towels.

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