Winter fruits and 15 recipes to include in your diet

Winter fruits and 15 recipes to include in your diet

In winter we have at our disposal a variety of fruits that offer the nutrients that our body needs in these months of the year. For example, we have citrus, strawberries and kiwi that provide vitamin C, calcium, carotene and many antioxidants to the body with high water content. We present you the winter fruits and 15 recipes to include in your diet.

15 recipes with winter fruits

Although we can always consume fresh fruits as such, in winter it makes us less appetizing because of the low temperatures, so we leave 15 recipes that include seasonal fruits and you can add to your diet:

  • Orange: Orange is one of the most popular fruits of the winter that we can not only consume it in the form of juice, but also, as part of a sweet salad as a dessert, a salty salad, or variety of masses like biscuits, cakes or an original focaccia.
  • Kiwi: It is a fruit of color and flavor very attractive although particular, reason why many times we do not know more than to consume it in Macedonian or fresh. However, we can make smoothies or smoothies of kiwi and other fruits as well as create a healthy snack of kiwi stuffed with cheese and apple crunch.
  • Grapefruit: A fruit very used in juice that we can also consume as part of a shake or lassi, a complete salad or a sauce for white fish.
  • Strawberry: Strawberry is a fruit packed with antioxidants, rich in calcium and vitamin C that we can easily add to a yogurt, or with a salad with other seasonal ingredients, a cake or a sweet cake or an original dessert of stuffed strawberries.
  • Lemon: Lemon is widely used to flavor beverages, dressing salads or adding to a fish or chicken, but with this fruit we can also make a very tasty smoothie, cakes or cakes and also, sauces for easy and nutritious pasta.
  • Mandarin: Another seasonal fruit belonging to the group of citrus that can be used for a variety of preparations: from juice to a meat sauce.

As we can see, there are few options to add fruits to our dishes this winter, but beyond consuming them fresh, we have variety of recipes to take advantage of seasonal fruits.

And you, do you consume fruit during the winter?