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Why a sense of community is important in older age

Retirement is often a time that those still in work look forward to. The chance to be able to catch up with friends and family that you don’t see very often and to enjoy hobbies that you have to put on the back-burner whilst you work. However, it can also become a time where people start to feel isolated. With others still working and your family building their careers, it is no wonder that those who are recently retired can feel a tad lonely.

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This is where a sense of community is incredibly important . You can achieve this in a number of different ways and we take a look at some of these below.

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Moving into one of the Park Homes Bedfordshire way that are provided by companies like Park Home Life gives you access to an instance community, all of whom are over the age of 55. This means that you have people who will be going through similar experiences as yourself and you will find plenty of activities happening on the parks that will set you up to build new friendships.


Why not join a local group. This could be an exercise group or one that looks at something you are interested in such as an historical society or a gardening club. Again this will mean that you  make new friendships with people who have similar interests as your and friendships can start to blossom.

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