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Unmasking some false beliefs around the egg

The egg is one of the main and most recognized sources of proteins that we know. It is a food very present in our diet, but as such has behind it countless legends or beliefs that have nothing to do with reality. So on this occasion we want to stop at this point to clarify some issues about eggs and their use in order to get a perfect use of them.

First of all it is necessary to keep in mind that the egg will provide us with a very rich protein that will give our organism an infinity of amino acids necessary for its perfect functioning. This makes it an almost necessary food in every diet. Especially in the sport diet the egg must be present. But it is not always used in the best way, and therefore a review of its uses will not do us any harm.

Eating raw eggs is not the best option

First of all we are going to deny a widespread belief and is that consuming raw eggs drunk is very good after training to recover. The truth is that the raw egg has no use in our body, since the proteins that it gives us are not assimilated by the body. To make them assimilable it is necessary to cook it. When cooking the egg we make the proteins to be assimilable due to the action of an enzyme that is activated with the heat. For this reason it is important to cook the eggs before eating them at least 60º Celsius.

We can consume eggs more than once a week

Another widespread belief is that we can not consume eggs more than once a week if we do not want to have high cholesterol . It is true that in the egg we have two parts, the white and the yolk. This second one is the one that contains high amounts of fat and is the most caloric part and with more proteins. That’s why it’s good not to abuse it. But we can consume the clear, which although it has less protein is less caloric and therefore will allow us to consume eggs more often and in larger quantities. Making a tortilla or scrambled egg whites with a single yolk is a good alternative.

It is a digestive food and easy to assimilate

Contrary to what many people think, the egg is a very digestive food and easy to assimilate by the body. This is very good to take into account when consuming it, because this way we will get a better use of its nutrients and a faster metabolism. But you have to keep in mind that for this to be so the best preparation is grilled, in tortilla or scrambled. If we fry it, the fatty contribution makes its assimilation is slower and that is where the fame of indigestible of this food is.

Before storing them in the refrigerator never wash them

Another belief with regard to eggs is that it has a lot to do with its conservation, and is that it has always been said that you have to wash them before storing them in the refrigerator. This is totally negative for the state of the egg, since the egg is naturally covered by a thin film that isolates it from the outside and waterproofs it against bacterial attacks. When washing the egg we remove this layer, making it become porous and it is easy for the bacteria to access its interior. In this way we run the risk of contaminating eggs and suffering from nutritional diseases. The only thing we can do and recommend is to pass through the eggs a dry cloth to remove any remaining dust, straw, poop … whatever.

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