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Top Reasons Why Solution Focused Therapy Works

You may have heard of solution focused therapy or perhaps are thinking of studying it but are unsure as to whether it is effective compared to other types of therapies. I will help you become clearer by sharing the top reasons why solution focused therapy does work.

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Firstly, solution focused therapy works because it focuses on your strengths and the abilities you already have, rather than focusing on your problems which are most likely only a small part of the picture when it comes to looking at your whole life.

Secondly, a solution-focused therapist tries to bring out the best in the client to use their will to right themselves, to reach their goals. Many people who go to therapy are perfectionists, and instead of trying to change them, therapists use their motivation to improve, to achieve the goal they are aiming for. This makes solution focused therapy a lot more positive than other therapies and the view of the client is not as a person who is broken and needs fixing, but someone who has strengths that need honing and used in a different way to go in the right direction.

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Lastly, research has shown that cognitive therapy is as effective as some medication for mental health problems. There is a direct link between our thoughts and our feelings meaning that if we practise thinking in a healthy and productive way, it will achieve positive results on our happiness and well-being.

If after reading this, you decide that sSolution Focused Therapy sounds like something you would definitely like to explore, visit https://www.brief.org.uk/therapy-and-coaching/what-happens-in-solution-focused-counselling


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