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To start the new course well, start with a stress test

In a few days, the new course begins and surely many of you have already begun with the preparations for returning to school, work and, of course, also training. If we have taken a few days of rest from the gym or if we have decided to start getting in shape since September, this is the time to prepare our equipment and fill us with the energy and energy to start the course with good footing.

If you renew sneakers, gym clothes and routines at the beginning of the year, you can not miss something much more important: a stress test, especially if you practice aerobic sports such as running or cycling. We resolve the most frequent doubts about stress tests so you have it all clear.

  • When should I have a stress test?: A stress test is very important if you come from a sedentary lifestyle and you are going to start exercising , if you are going to start practicing a new sport (especially if it is aerobic) or if you go To participate in a sports test in which you are required to take part in it. It is also advisable to do it once a year to rule out possible complications and to train and compete safely.
  • Does a stress test guarantee that I will not suffer any injuries or pathologies?: No, a stress test can not guarantee that, but it does help the doctor who does it to rule out possible heart problems or early detection (and later Treatment) of some pathologies.
  • If I did one last year, should I do it again this year?: It is recommended, since in a year, if you have been training, your body will have changed and your conditions will be different. Remember that a stress test will also tell you what your different zones of effort (aerobic and anaerobic threshold), which may have changed since the previous year, and will help you fine tune the heart areas in which you should move in the different workouts .
  • How much does a stress test cost?: It depends on the place where you do it and the tests you request (you can ask for lactate test, electrocardiogram, etc.), but the basic preba that includes previous interview, medical examination, ergometry and results in Consultation with the doctor is usually about 100 or 150 dollar. Keep in mind that a stress test is an investment in your health, your safety and your training.

The beginning of the season is the best time to make an effort test, both for our safety and for improving our training and therefore our performance.

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