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Three HIIT routines to burn fat on stairs

The stairs are part of the street furniture and we can also find them in a gym or at home, therefore, they are a very versatile and useful resource to get in shape. Besides that we can perform different exercises in them, today we bring three HIIT routines on stairs to burn fat and tone muscles at the same time.

Up and down stairs not only helps raise the heart rate and burn calories, but also requires the effort of the entire lower train allowing you to tone quadriceps, glutes, calves, femoral and tibial.

If we also apply different exercises we can work other muscles of the body and in addition to cardio, train strength, power and other qualities. Therefore, these three HIIT routines can be very helpful to get fit in a short time.

Routine 1

Recall that the Tabata method consists of performing 8 intervals of effort of 20 seconds alternating with each other for 10 seconds of rest. Thus, in this case we must perform the first 20 seconds of push – ups to work triceps, pectorals and to a lesser extent biceps, rest 10 seconds and return to the activity to perform squats for 20 seconds.

After the second 10-second break, we performed knees to the chest on one side for 20 seconds and after 10 seconds of rest we made the fourth interval going up and down the stairs at maximum speed.

The last four intervals will be equal to the first four but when we bring knees to the chest we change sides.

Do not forget that to get the most out of it, it is important to perform as many repetitions as possible in each interval.

Routine 2

Using long stairs and going up the steps two by two and then download them at full speed, we can create a very intense routine to burn fat.

The proposal is to perform 10 intervals of two ups and downs each, alternating with each other for 40 seconds of rest.

The reality is that this alternative will culminate exhausting you completely, for that reason, we only recommend it for the most experienced. For those who have less time training we propose to make fewer intervals and / or increase the rest times between each of them.

They will burn the legs and we will even feel that we lack the air, because it demands an intense effort to the cardio respiratory system of the body, as well as to the legs and glutes.

Routine 3

We can do between 5 and 10 intervals by climbing the stairs in different ways or using different jumps such as those shown in the video and recovering in the descents, making a slow descent.

Another option is to choose eight exercises from which the video shows and apply the Tabata method : 8 intervals of 20 seconds each, alternated with each other for 10 seconds of rest. Although we can take active breaks down the stairs at a slower pace or, we can increase rest times and / or effort.

With these exercises you will work the strength and speed of your muscles at the same time, because it is plyometric movements among which the jumps predominate.

If you want to burn fat and work muscles at the same time, these three HIIT routines on stairs are very helpful, because in a short time of work and without expensive equipment allow to achieve a complete training suitable for outdoor or at home, in the gym or any other space, since the only requirement is to have stairs.

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