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This is the best workout you can do if you plan to skip the diet this Christmas

We have the Christmas holidays around the corner , and with them come the business lunches and dinners, family events, the Christmas Eve celebrations, the end of the year and the night of kings … And staying true to our diet is done in difficult occasions, so skipping the diet is usually something more common than we think, but then on January 1 we all repent and make new amendment purposes (as every year at this time).

For this reason, we present training alternatives so that, in case you decide to skip the diet but continue training, the effects are less negative than in the case that you skipped the diet and stop training. We will present the three best options we have thought that can help you to continue training and minimize the effects of Christmas dinners and meals : a HIIT routine for those who have little time, two examples of strength training in the gym for those who like to train heavy and an “indoor triathlon” for those who like to use the cardio machines of a gym.

If you have little time, choose a routine HIIT type

Undoubtedly one of the characteristics of the Christmas period is the continuous stress that people live either for wanting to get all the work possible so that afterwards we do not accumulate things when we return, for social commitments, family lunches and dinners , the purchases of last-minute gifts … And all this can take away little by little from our training .

If it is your case to have little time to train , but you still do not want to leave the exercise aside and want to continue maintaining the form even if you are going to forget about the diet, your best ally may be the HIIT type routines : little time ( they are routines that you can perform in 20-30 minutes) and high intensity that will help you minimize the damage that your body may cause during Christmas dinners and meals.

If you like to train heavy: strength routines

In the event that time is not a problem for you and you can spend that hour or an hour and a half to train in a gym and also like to train heavy, strength routinescan be a very good ally for you, since you will take advantage of that caloric sobreingesta and you can take out that energy to be used in the gym.

Two classic strength routines that could help you in the gym are the 5×5 Bill Star(which we can recommend more for beginners and people who have been training in the gym for a short time) and the German volume method based on a 10×10(this is already people more advanced by the intensity and the volume that it is going to suppose as far as loads).

But if you do not motivate any of these two routines, today there is another that has become quite fashionable, since it can be used for both strength gain and definition and volume . It is the famous routine 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler , also known as BBB or ” Boring But Big “.

Personalized “Triathlon” in the gym: treadmill, bicycle and rowing machine

If you are one of those who like to go to the gym and get the most out of the cardiovascular machines , we want to propose this “indoor triathlon” in which we will use the treadmill, the bicycle (we can use the classic bicycle or in which we sat with backrest) and the rowing machine). Perhaps this is a somewhat monotonous training for the vast majority that we are not used to these machines, but if you are one of those who like cardio machines, try it.

The good thing about this training is that the order in which we use the machines we can vary it to find the one we like the most or we can also vary it every day to add variety and not all the sessions are the same. A proposal for “indoor triathlon” could be the following:

“Indoor triathlon” for beginners

  • 3 kilometers on the treadmill at a comfortable speed . Remember that we do not seek, at least at the beginning, to cover the distance in the shortest possible time. One of the advantages of the tape is that we can vary speed and inclination during the “course” as if it were an outdoor race.
  • 2 kilometers on the rowing machine. The most important thing here is the technique with which we perform the exercise , to avoid problems and discomfort in the area of ​​the back , so I recommend starting with little intensity in the machine and focus more on the technique .
  • 10 kilometers by bicycle.

“Indoor triathlon” for advanced

  • 10 kilometers on the treadmill.
  • 5 kilometers on the rowing machine. For those who are at this point and master the technique of this machine, the ideal would be to use medium-high resistance in the machine . Five kilometers may seem few, but this machine will leave you exhausted .
  • 20 kilometers by bicycle.

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