The health of your feet in the hands of experts rather than home remedies

The health of your feet in the hands of experts rather than home remedies

We often are not aware of its importance, but the health of our feet needs of the revisions to the podiatrist corresponding to prevent diseases or conditions that may jeopardize their welfare when home remedies are no longer effective.

Proper footwear, hygiene, hydration or application of relaxing massage is some of the cares that can help improve the state of our feet.

However, when the discomfort, bad smell or any other condition appropriates this part of our body, home remedies like hot baths, applying moisturizers, toothpaste bananas, vegetable oils or juice blend and lemon Vaseline are only an aid to treatment determined by the medical specialist.

The health of your feet in the hands of experts rather than home remediesCare about your feet with the help of a podiatrist

The podiatry with the study of diseases and disorders that affect our feet, for that very reason this kind of highly skilled professionals will provide the help you need in the work of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of abnormal conditions feet and the rest of the lower limbs, such as for a treatment of diabetic foot.

By consulting these professionals have passed all kinds of conditions, the most common being those related to fungal infection of the toenails, the onicocriptosis or incarnation of nails, athlete ‘s foot, corns or what bromidrosis known as a skin condition caused by the breakdown of sweating, which end up causing an unpleasant odor.

When we put in the hands of these professionals, you should know that your first visit,   the podiatrist will take a medical history to determine which diseases present and you’ve had in the past, as well as allergies to medications or surgical history.

In the case, for example, that you are allergic to latex use will be made of vinyl gloves to inspect your feet. The professional can determine the diseases or evil that threatens to them. Such conditions can range from psoriasis (the toenails change color, shape and hardness) to more extreme cases such as diabetes.

It is convenient to conduct an annual review to the podiatrist to all ages, although there is no hassle through with any questions, prevent or treat any problems in time. For example, in the case of newborns and during the first months of life, it will check that the nail growth is normal and that no problems occur in growth.

In adults, the most common diseases are usually Plantar Fasciitis, fungal infections, sports injuries, ankle instability, flat feet or high – arched, calluses on the soles of the feet or excessive sweating problems.

Usually, the treatments proposed by the podiatrist are not aggressive, employing a varied instrumental. In certain cases, you can resort to surgery, especially when we talk about bunions, hammer toes, claw toes and ingrown toenails.

What about you? Do you usually go to the podiatrist at least once a year?