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The Benefits of Yoga Inverted Asanas

In a Yoga session we go through different asanas or postures with different goals and benefits, including investment or semi-investment asanas. Surely you have seen them in different photos or illustrations: the inversion asanas are those in which the feet are above the head (as for example the asana of the candle) while the ones of semi-inversion are those in which the Heart is above the head (as in the case of the dog face down).

The Benefits of Yoga Inverted AsanasThese asanas, although difficult to execute (especially the investment ones) have many benefits for our organism if we realize them correctly. These are some of the benefits we can get through the investment asanas.

  • They promote venous return and improve blood circulation: this is very useful when decongesting the veins of the lower limbs and improving the condition of varicose veins. When we find ourselves upside down, the venous return to (the rate of blood flow from the vowel to the heart) is simpler, since gravity favors it.
  • They work the muscles of the back and the abdominal area: these positions help us to work both the muscles of the back and the central area of our body, responsible for stabilizing us in a safe position. It is important that we respect the principle of progression until achieving them to avoid possible injuries.
  • They get a lower load in the lower back: these positions, when carrying the feet above the head, release the load of the lumbar vertebrae, transferring it to other parts of the body.
  • They regulate the hormonal system: as the Yoga teacher Susana Pascual used to tell us , the best blood irrigation results in a better functioning of the thyroid gland, allowing a more balanced discharge of the hormones.
  • They improve concentration and reduce stress: improving blood circulation thanks to the inversion postures also means better irrigation of the brain.

Investment and semi-inversion asanas are very invigorating postures that we can include in our Yoga practice. It is important that, whenever possible, we carry out the work of a professional who can guide us in the different progressions to perform them in a safe way.

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