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The benefits of HIIT beyond fat burning

HIIT or training at high intensity intervals is well known as the most effective method to burn fat , however, its benefits go further and today we show you other advantages of working with HIIT routines to get fit.

Promotes muscle gain and muscle power

A study conducted with athletes last year evaluated changes in muscle power levels before and after performing a HIIT training for six weeks and the conclusions were very positive, finding in addition to power gain that is the strength-muscle speed ratio, an increase in free testosterone levels .

Testosterone is one of the key hormones to gain muscle , hence HIIT, beyond allowing you to burn fat, can be key if you are looking to hypertrophy or gain strength and power at the muscle level .

It helps you to perform more in your favorite sport

Beyond the burning of fats and allowing improvements in body composition, training with HIIT routines allows us to gain aerobic, anaerobic and neuromuscular capacity which, as a final degree study concludes , can be useful to optimize physical performance .

Whatever our favorite sport, but specifically those of intermittent profile such as HIIT training can benefit from the practice of the latter, helping us to gain performance and perform better at the time of the effort itself .

Improves cardiovascular function and reduces the risk of diseases

If you train to take care of your heart or control pre-existing cardiovascular diseases, HIIT also has a lot to offer in this regard, because as noted in research published in Sports Medicine, its practice improves vascular function and other parameters related to the origin of heart disease.

HIIT training reduces inflammation and oxidative stress , parameters that in excess contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases or to the development of atherosclerosis that later determines vascular and cardiac function.

Likewise, training at high intensity intervals improves insulin sensitivity and reduces blood pressure, thereby reducing risk factors for cardiovascular diseases as well.

Help eat less

Exercise benefits our body in different ways and is therefore key to controlling body weight, and HIIT is not the exception but has shown in a study published in 2015that favors the regulation of appetite .

The practice of training at high intensity intervals helps to eat less after an unlimited supply of food, which contradicts the belief that the more calories we burn or the harder we work, the more hungry we have.

Although the mechanisms by which HIIT reduces appetite are not well understood , it is likely to modify hormones that regulate hunger and satiety in the body.

It encourages you to stay active

The HIIT, adapted to each person and specific objective, can be a training apt for all public, except those who are totally sedentary and need to gain physical condition first.

However, HIIT is one of the best ways to end all excuses , because its practice not only helps you burn a lot of calories and fats, but it can offer all the above mentioned benefits and also does not require sophisticated equipment nor a lot of time , so you can perform HIIT routines in the comfort of your home and in a short period of time.

Thus, HIIT favors adherence to a regular training program and encourages you to stay active by ending all possible excuses .

If you are looking for a complete workout and have been exercising for some time, maybe HIIT may be the best option for you, even if what you are looking for is not burning fat.

Of course, it is always important to plan well the HIIT routines that we are going to carry out and, as much as possible, to accompany your practice with other types of activities or training methods that allow you to obtain even more benefits than the aforementioned ones.

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