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Some things that have been very fashionable in the gym and have disappeared

On countless occasions we have discussed how they influence fashion in training and give us the offer sports centers. So this time we want to remember and dwell on some of the more fitness trends followed in recent years and have passed into history without shame and without glory. There are many ups and downs in sport and why we believe it is an issue to consider.

Trends in fitness weigh more than we think. If we stop to think for a moment, especially those we have long training, we will see that the training rooms have been many activities of various kinds, and even equipment that were the bomb and now nobody remembers. It does not mean they are better or worse activities but tastes and uses are changing, and the techniques and goals of people.

Some things that have been very fashionable in the gym and have disappearedBatuka, Queen of activities

First, as the head of forgotten activities we will highlight the batuka. Videos, CD’s, online tutorials, group classes and even a specific discipline for trainers came up with this boom. Many songs produced specifically for choreography in which all parts of the body implicate. Batuka was fashionable activity. If you did not do batuka were nobody !.

Today hardly anyone remembers this activity through dance helped you burn calories and tone the body . Almost all classes were full of women thus remained active. In the last gasps of batuka he began to merge with other techniques such as lifting weights or using rubber bands. But even so, he was gradually disappearing from the activities offered by the gyms and sports centers.

Body Vive, a supernatural experience that stayed in memory

Surely more than one sounds like the Body Vive. A technical sport that mixes traditional own aerobic exercises with Pilates, but at a lower intensity. It was basically designed to perform a full body work at a medium or low intensity. An entire discipline designed for beginners or people who wanted to start in this sport a smooth and progressive.

For execution balls and other utensils as gums, little heavy dumbbells were used … Many gyms included it in their offers and many people trained his body by this technique. But gradually the classes were left empty since the end of the aerobic or pilates or was and the effect was achieved was not all round that promised a priori. So today the Body Vive is just a memory for many people who tried it in their day. And many others do not even remember that there was at his gym.

The electro vest. A fad

Another fad that disappeared as quickly as introduced in our lives was the use of vest electro stimulation. It is one of the latest fitness booms. All a fashion that made unleash the fever for the sport to many people who had never set foot in a gym. Perhaps the promise of easy and quick results s encouraged people. Appeared specialized centers in every corner and every gym were made with a vest that offered you with wonderful deals.

But gradually we were dropping the blindfolds and no results were so dramatic and so fast. This made all these rookies people in fitness, terminasen become discouraged and leaving aside this activity such adepts who lost what he won.Currently some center still exists, but most services focus on strength training for rehabilitation.

Vibratory platforms, one without penalty and inglorious fashion

The phenomenon of vibration platforms was another who grew like foam and disappeared in the same way. Even on television announcing devices to have in our homes. Its effects were miraculous at many levels, or that was preached. It was the same with the vests, and which were specialized centers in the body work platforms. They appeared countless exercises, and even many sports centers included them as the star of its offer.

At the end the story ended in a boring classes, with few incentives and less results. Besides being an uncomfortable activity, the machines were left alone and no longer used them . As with jackets, people seeking quick and easy results soon became disenchanted to see that what was promised was not just its evolution was slow. So also it happened to the drawer of fitness fads.

The TRX, an effective fashion

Another activity that has happened some fashion, but is not forgotten and that is very effective is the TRX. It is true that its effects are very good at toning and be active anywhere. Simply using our bodies and ribbons will help us. Nevertheless, at the time there was a kind of boom, because in every gym areas in its implementation were set up , TRX classes were given …

At present there is little training rooms and TRX – enabled and most gyms do not pay for the equipment we use. Which is not to say that is not an effective activity, but also has been involved in fitness fads.

The sports equipment is not free from fads

As for sports equipment they have also been a few fashions that have passed without pain and without glory. The most high – profile of all was the shoes that we helped tone the buttocks by his sole effect. The brand Reebok was one that had to withdraw its advertising and product market because giving a misleading message. Many were the people who bought them and put them all day thinking they would have a back announcement. Of course, if a good thing left to us it is that all these people started walking more.

Other products that became fashionable and disappeared in the same way were the abdominal daisy promised us a flat stomach with just everyday use. The reducing thermal bands that helped us burn fat located in the abdomen … In the end all turned out to be a way to extort money from those seeking quick results without effort. Because this makes it clear that the effects of training are with effort and perseverance, never getting carried away by fads that promise the moon and the stars.

There are many others, as these are only a reflection of the rest, so we invite you to us some of the highlights that have lived and that we have no news today.

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