How to get your first muscle-up

How to get your first muscle-up

Muscle-up is one of the most popular calisthenics exercises, but it is not a very complex exercise, but its realization may require an intense previous work, so today we leave some tricks and tips to achieve your first muscle-up in a perfect way.

First steps towards muscle-up

It is clear that we will not be more than sitting in a chair all day to achieve our first muscle-up, so we need to prepare and take our first steps strengthening the correct muscles so that after that, we can achieve a perfect muscle-up.

In this sense, we must strengthen muscles of the arms and pectorals, as well as the middle and dorsal areas that will collaborate in the ascent.

To do this, good exercises that we must perfect and put into practice in order to advance towards our first muscle-up are the dominated and the funds or dippings in parallel.

The first thing is to be able to perform with a perfect technique these exercises and perform at least 10-12 continuous repetitions . Once this has been achieved, we can move towards achieving muscle-up by trying to climb higher in the dominated ones and not only pass the chin over the bar but the chest, for which we can try to bend so that the upper part of the Abdomen on the bar with each rise.

Also, we can make funds by tilting the torso so as to bring the neck closer to the bar to imitate one of the steps required by the muscle-up and prepare for its completion.

Once we get dominated with the abdomen to the bar and trunk inclined bottoms and we can do about 10 to 12 repetitions of each one of them, we are prepared to take another step towards the muscle-up .

The first muscle-up

The first thing to know is that the muscle-up consists of pulling or pulling at the beginning to raise the body by means of a rocking called kipping that will help us to take impulse to raise, and then in a push to raise the trunk above the bar.

To begin the muscle-up we can help with a bench where we will support our feet until we get a good technique in the momentum or force enough to do it from the ground without help. Then we will position ourselves on the bench, we will place both hands on the bar with all the fingers above it (even the thumb) in a grip that slightly exceeds the width of the shoulders and we will drop the weight of the body.

We will push with our feet on the bench to take impulse and to realize the dominated first high and later, to raise pushing with the arms, the torso above the bar.

We should always remember to climb with an incline, taking back the back to make it easier for us to roll or boost that helps us raise the trunk and pass the body over the bar.

Another trick that can help us achieve our first muscle-up is to start it above the bar, that is, start it right where it culminates and from there go down in a controlled way the body but taking advantage of the descent and then carry out the impulse or swing that helps us to return to go up.

With these tips and tricks you can encourage yourself to try your first muscle-up and achieve this exercise that every beginner in calisthenics wants to perform.