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Go ahead and play sports with the new course: Some reasons to keep us active

September is usually a month back to routine. Gone are the days of relaxation and holidays for vacation. On this date is when most of us return to training and in many other cases the approach to start playing sports appears. Therefore in this post we want to see some of the main reasons why it is highly recommended and useful to exercise.

Of course, physical activity is good for everyone at any age. But it is also true that many times we do not realize what is really capable of giving us physically. For this reason we want to make a step for the most outstanding. It is not only to lose weight or to have a more or less muscular body, but simply it is necessary to get our body to work much better at different levels and therefore we must stop at each of them.

First of all it is very important that we make it clear that the benefits we are going to achieve with the exercise have many physical repercussions, and there are more and more studies that support it (throughout this post we will highlight some of them). But not only the thing stays there, but also the exercise has direct repercussions on our state of mind.

Because exercise activates metabolism and calorie burning

First of all the exercise is well known by all that activates our metabolism. This activation of metabolism is mainly due to the fact that when we perform a physical activity we activate the muscles that intervene in it. This activation causes the muscles to require energy and nutrients to function. This demand is what causes circulation to activate. The activation of the circulation causes our metabolism to increase its activity.

At first glance it seems a simple process, and basically it is, because it is one of the simplest and fastest ways to burn calories and thereby achieve weight loss. But also exercise makes our basal metabolism increase. When we refer to basal metabolism, it is about the energy that our body consumes while at rest.

As a general rule, the body consumes energy to function normally, but when we have a higher concentration of fibers, consumption is higher. This increase in muscle fibers is achieved through exercise. We must bear in mind that when we exercise we subject the muscles to a stressful situation and with that to a greater demand of nutrients and a higher caloric consumption.

Keep in mind that this situation of muscle disturbance or metabolic agitation is maintained in the body for hours , because until the muscles do not recover this action does not decrease. Therefore, exercise keeps our metabolism more active for longer and consuming more without giving us or even notice. Therefore exercise is a good ally to maintain or lower the weight, although we should not forget the importance of food, but that is another issue to be addressed at another time …

Because it helps improve diabetes cases and prevent it

If it is about the glycemic index, we will stop at this point that is so much associated with the exercise. It is true that when you exercise, your blood glucose levels decrease. For this reason , the practice of exercise has always been associated with the prevention of conditions such as diabetes or its improvement in case of suffering it. To echo this we will stop in a study conducted by the University of Antioquia in Colombia and published by the journal Research and Education in Nursing.

This study was conducted with people of adult ages between 35-55 years of age in several batches. A sample of diabetic and overweight people was chosen for the beginning of the same. All of them carried out a scarce sport activity and they were introduced to the sport. Its evolution was observed during months while they continued carrying out exercise of all type.

Finally, this study concluded that physical activity significantly reduces blood glucose levels , which in cases of diabetes minimizes the effects of the disease and improves the general situation of the individual. In addition, it determines that it is a good preventive tool in people who do not have diabetes. But it also highlights the importance of the environment, genetics and predisposition of the individual. This makes it clear that sport is an improvement tool, but it is not the definitive solution to diabetes.

Because it helps us lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease

Needless to say, physical activity has a direct effect on blood pressure . Exercising considerably reduces the pressure and helps us prevent heart disease, and in the case of suffering it helps us to strengthen and reduce its effects on the body. This statement is highlighted by several studies. We are going to echo the one made by the National University. Lagunilla de Heredia of Costa Rica.

According to this study, immediately after exercising, blood pressure will be reduced . But the effect will be felt more in the long term as we acquire the habit and repeat it. Basically, according to this study, what happens is that with the exercise we increase the release of nitric oxide by the body and with it a better vasodilation that leads us to lower blood pressure and thus the risks involved.

Of course, the study makes it clear that physical exercise should be moderate and controlled in cases of diseases or heart conditions. Performing a test ofprevious effort is essential to know the degree of intensity that we can develop. Along with this highlights the race, the walk, the bicycle or any aerobic activity as one of the best ways to control these levels.

Because it has beneficial psychological effects for the body

Lastly, we will highlight the psychological effects of sports practice. For this we are going to base in an article published by the Magazine of Social Studies of Colombia. According to this publication, the exercise has a direct effect on our self-esteem. Basically it is due to the release of hormones such as endorphins that make us happy and see ourselves better.

This article also concludes that exercise decreases the appearance and suffering of diseases such as depression , in addition to improving cognitive ability and the delay of cognitive aging. For this they are based on a study carried out by the University of Illinois by which it is deduced that the aerobic activity diminishes the neuronal degeneration of the brain. This leads us to have a better overall mental activity.

Along with this, it highlights the importance of sport, especially the collective, when developing social relationships with other people . This simple fact will help us when we socialize, feel better and find in sport a perfect escape valve to keep us in full physical and mental shape.

Some general considerations about exercise

Finally, we will carry out a series of general considerations derived from the points previously marked .

  • The improvement of the blood circulation will help us to have a series of effects in the organism. At the sexual level we will increase the lividness and predisposition. Along with this this activation of the circulation will help us to stay younger.
  • The contribution of nutrients at muscular and osseous level is remarkable due to this blood activation. It will help us achieve more effective muscles and stronger bones.
  • In the case of pregnant women, sport improves the state of the fetus and makes the placenta stay young and in better condition.
  • It is an important way of escape from stress and is one of the best ways to channel our anxiety, making us more relaxed, rest better and more.
  • All the above considerations make our body feel better and therefore our hope and quality of life increase.

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