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Functions of progressive lenses

Would you like to see with complete clarity all that is around you, without having to suffer the consequences of eye conditions such as presbyopia? The progressive lenses will help us clarify our vision and give us greater security when develop ourselves in our day a day.

Functions of progressive lensesHeadaches, eyestrain or the mere fact of feeling tired when we look closely at an object that is part of our environment are presented as some of the most prominent symptoms of presbyopia. This condition, also known as “aging eye” and related in most cases with age and over time, prevent us from seeing clearly what we have to close due mainly to from 40 years lens of the eye, before soft and flexible, it becomes more rigid and, therefore, causes this type of difficulties that will become a real obstacle to the development of our daily activities.

The progressive lenses can give us the help we need to respect, in fact they are the most demanded solution to correct the effects of presbyopia. As we confirmed specialists Varilux, with the same goggle graduate we can see very clearly at all distances. The progressive lenses offer a clear vision and more accurate at all distances, either distance, near and intermediate vision.

In its new campaign, whose video can see in this article, we launched the message that progressive lenses Varilux are choosing to users because they are different from any other model we can find on the market and, ultimately, by the that their quality will help us protect the health of our eyes and, therefore, to develop ourselves in life with greater security by being able to see without any hint of shadows around us.

In case you decided to renew your progressive lenses or simply acquire some new, in our health blog we recommend relying on Varilux lenses because they provide the light you need to go your way more confidence in yourself. Also, if you buy now, the second pair of lenses is completely free.

The users choose Varilux because be incorporated into any type of frames, by the experience of 50 years in the sector, can apply special treatments such as screen protector and because you can customize to your liking.

And you ? Did you tried on occasion? What do you think?

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