Four reasons to avoid wearing flip flops this summer

Four reasons to avoid wearing flip flops this summer

The flip – flops are the summery shoes more used to assist the beach with your feet cool, however, are not the best choice if we want to protect the health of our feet, then let four reasons to avoid use this summer.

May cause injury

With an especially thin and flat surface, the flip-flops offer very little support to the feet and do not dampen the impact of each step.

For this same reason, flip-flops can lead to a flattening of the plantar arch as well as excessive tension or constant stretching of the foot fascia, which can cause plantar fascistic over time.

On the other hand, its only strip in the middle of the fingers can cause irritation and blisters in the foot because most of the flip-flops are rubber, do not absorb sweat and moisture with constant friction of the foot can cause injuries.

Modify the posture

Since with the flip-flops the heel is left without any support, the foot can not only change the footing but also, use the fingers to grasp and it can affect our whole body posture.

We will not walk safe but rather tense, trying to hold the flip-flops to our foot, something that any footwear should achieve alone, and this can not only cause injury, but also a factor that will change our position completely.

If we also wear flip-flops (very often in female versions), we would have all the effects of the heels in addition to those of the flip-flops that can certainly alter the alignment of the spine and thus, modify the proper position of the body.

Poor hygiene

As we have said, most of the flip-flops do not absorb the sweat and on the contrary, they propitiate the humidity in our foot, being able to favor the development of fungi for example.

In addition, as it is a totally open footwear, our feet will be exposed to all kinds of external factors: from the sand of the beach to objects thrown on the public road.

Above all, we must take into account that a flip-flop does not absorb sweat and favors moisture and heat in our foot, so it can be a conducive place for the development of fungi or other germs and bacteria.

Really comfortable?

Although it is a reality that the foot is almost completely uncovered and this guarantees freshness, we must also be very critical when pointing as comfortable the flip-flops.

This type of sandals offer little support to the foot, and this is already a factor against the comfort of its use, since the foot itself must be attached to the footwear being able to do this, having to bend the fingers down.

Also, the flip-flops easily get out of our foot and can be hooked on any object on the road while we move, which certainly does not guarantee comfort and safety when walking.

For all these reasons, we should avoid wearing flip flops this summer, that is, not eradicating their use, but limit ourselves to wearing these sandals in the pool or on the beach only, or else walking barefoot can have many benefits and Less damage than the use of flip-flops.

And if we are going to buy flip-flops, it is better to choose the ones with the greatest support surface, of good quality and, if at all possible, not plastic . In addition, we can take into account other tips so that the flip-flops do not damage us notably, such as avoiding daily use, hydrate the heels and consider those with non-slip.