Discoloration of teeth

Five Worst Foods & Drinks for Teeth Discolouration

Have you ever wondered whether what you are eating or drinking is making your teeth less than white? Foods and drinks have not been created equally when it comes to teeth discolouration as you will see with our essential guide to the worst offenders.

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Coffee is found on plenty of nutritional hit lists, reportedly being linked to earlier death, heart disease and insomnia. Coffee is also one of the worst teeth strainers there are, and although it’s said to be marginally better if you drink white coffee, it makes more sense to switch to green or herbal tea.


You may wonder why this section is titled just ‘wine’ and not ‘red wine’, but unfortunately white wine is said to be a culprit too when it comes to teeth staining. It’s not as bad as red of course as the tannins of red wine naturally make it the worst offender, but white wine too can be bad thanks to its acidity. Spirits with mixers such as vodka or gin with low calorie tonic is a better option for your teeth.


Normal black tea whether it’s milky or not is a terrible drink for those who don’t want their teeth to stain. Giving up tea is impossibility for some and if tea has caused your teeth to stain, companies like UK Smile can help undo the damage.

Soy Sauce

The dark nature of soy sauce makes it a potential stainer for teeth. Those who regularly use soy sauce in their cooking should rethink the frequency or maybe replace it with other flavours such as oyster sauce, ginger, chilli or garlic.


Curry is well known for its teeth staining abilities, which is a shame given the amazing taste of Britain’s favourite dish. No-one expects you to give up curries, so instead be sure to brush your teeth well after eating one.

This guide to the worst offenders will help you to make better food and drink choices and to stop making matters worse. Avoiding these foods won’t turn back the clock – only a teeth whitening service such as UKSMILE will help with damage that has already been done.

Whether you start replacing coffee with green tea or red wine with a G&T, these small changes could see big results when it comes to your teeth.