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Fit without going to the gym: These are the alternatives that can help you

As every beginning of the year many people make healthy goals. Before it was very typical of “this year I’m going to the gym”. But the truth is that there are many alternatives to get in shape without going to the gym. We just have to choose the one we like the most and be constant.

It is becoming more and more disconnected from having to go to the gym to get in shape. In fact, gyms are reinventing themselves to give users alternatives to the typical routine of doing a standard dumbbell routine. It is possible to get in shape without going to the gym, we tell you some alternatives:

Outdoor Exercise

The easiest, simplest and cheapest way to get in shape. Exercises like running, cycling or hiking are a good base to start getting in shape. Of course, we must stop being stupid and know how to adapt the type of sport to our physical condition. For example, if we are going to start running, do not go out the first day to do 10 kilometers.

The problem with this type of sports is that we can lose the motivation to do them with the passage of the days. That is why it is important that we try to go out as a group to do these activities, pointing to a club, for example, and vary the training, do not do the same every day.

If we live in a big city and that “outdoors” is a little far, we always have the option of training in the parks. Depending on the characteristics of the park and the park you have, we can do many things.

Calisthenics and self-loading exercises

The calisthenics has been one of the fitness trends of the year. Do exercises alone with the sheer weight of our body with nothing or using horizontal bar, parallel or the like. It is clear that the level of Frank Medrano we are a little far, but starting little by little and with the appropriate exercises can achieve a significant improvement of our physical form.

Kettlebells or Russian dumbbells: another way to do weights at home

Personally I love kettlebells , it’s a similar way of training with typical dumbbells but they offer other types of possibilities and movements. Having a couple of kettlebells at home can give us a lot of play to do bodybuilding exercises.

Jump to the jump: a more complete exercise than we think

Something as simple as jumping rope can become the perfect ally to get in shape. It is clear that we will not develop steel muscles jumping to the rope, but it is a very demanding metabolic exercise that will serve to burn calories and improve our cardiovascular state, in addition to coordination and agility.

HIIT routines: short but intense

These types of high-intensity interval routines are highly recommended especially for those days when we do not have that much time to train. Doing HIIT has many benefits , although, yes, it is an intense training and we must do a good warm up before the routine and be aware of our physical possibilities to adapt the intensity of the exercises.

YouTube Expert Routines and Tutorials

One of the good things that new technologies have is that the information reaches any place on the planet. Before it was necessary to go to the gym for a monitor to teach us how to do the exercises or the training routine. Today we only have to access YouTube to the appropriate channel to be able to train at home in front of a screen.

Mobile apps that will help you get in shape

And we continue with the fitness-technology relationship. In our own palm we can almost have a personal trainer to guide us on how to get in shape. With the right application for our smartphone we can get many things at fitness and health.

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