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Find your internal energy sources

We all need energy to function; each must find our sources of energy that help us feel better and stronger.

The internal energy

When we are full of internal energy everything seems possible, our mind feels able to carry out successfully the most difficult challenges. However, if our energy current decays the simplest and easiest of tasks costing us a great effort and we feel that our way is full of obstacles that we will be insurmountable.

The way to deal with the circumstances that life presents us depends greatly on our level of internal energy. There are people who seem to have an inexhaustible supply of energy and never decay at nothing; however others just find the energy to follow the path.

Knowing how to be filled with energy and lose is as important, this article we will describe what the best sources of energy are and what we can do to recharge.

Physical sources that provide us internal energy

Physically the key points that give us energy are breathing, eating and exercise:

Breathing: Breathing is for people, one of the most important energy sources. By breathing we get load us energy, with a deep breath, and, by the expiration, cleanse and release toxins. Through breath control can be achieved regulate the heartbeat, ejaculation, the immune system, blood pressure, etc. Learning to control breathing control the body and mind and can eliminate anxiety and reduce tension.

Food: We must be very careful with the way we eat because this important source of energy can become a source of toxins that our bodies sick. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, in which all groups of nutrients that our body needs help to recharge internal energy are present.

Physical exercise: It is very important for proper flow of energy, physical exercise practice d. Devote a few minutes every day to play sports is highly recommended and will help us feel good.

Where do we miss the power?

The mind is responsible for a large energy loss. We lose this energy through d negative thoughts that invade our minds, through pessimism, criticism, self-limitations that we impose and the fears that block the free flow of energy.

We must learn to free our minds of those heavy loads and not let those negative thoughts, which are a heavy burden, are installed in us. We have to get banish and fill our minds with happy and positive thoughts to help us recharge energy and see life in a cheerful color.

Act in accordance with our system of values is also important to keep internal energy. If we act contrary to our thinking we feel dejected and discouraged.

Meditation and relaxation to recharge internal energy

Meditation: A few minutes each day to practice meditation is a good way to get internal energy recharge. We just need a few minutes; we will change how we feel much more prepared to face all the problems we may have.

Relaxation: End the day with some simple relaxation exercises will help us get rid of stress and eliminate the negative charge that has accumulated during the day.

Other sources of energy

Other sources to help us fill internal energy are:

  • Sun (in moderation)
  • Bright colors
  • A massage
  • Practice yoga, tai-chi, etc.
  • Enough sleep
  • Laughing, singing
  • Give thanks for all that we receive
  • Note the earth under bare feet

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